I am a 72-year-old who is just returning to riding after a 20+ year hiatus. I have been riding an '09 Triumph Bonneville for eight months or so, and quite enjoying it. However, I have always said that before I die I wanted to own a Harley. I stopped by Wildhorse on a whim one day a couple of weeks ago and met with Scott Dumdei, who greeted me as I walked in. We sat at his desk for about 30 minutes, just chatting about bikes, how and where I ride and my goals for a new bike. During our chat, Scott listened to what I said and asked thoughtful and perceptive questions. Finally, he said that he had what he believed to be the ideal bike for me and my needs. We walked over to a '17 FLSTC in a beautiful, retro blue and white paint job. He had me sit on (in?) it and see how it felt while he explained the salient features of the bike and how and why he thought it fit my needs. At the end of this initial visit I was very impressed with the bike, Wildhorse Harley and, in particular, Scott. We agreed that when the time was right in a week or two, I'd be back to take a test ride.

Two weeks later, I arranged to take a test ride with Scott and showed up at the appointed time. Since this is the first "big bike" I've ever ridden, I think Scott picked-up on my nervousness and suggested that before the ride we go to the parking lot and he'd help me get familiar with the bike. After some patient coaching from Scott, I was able to master the basics of starting, stopping and turning the "beast," and we left for the test ride. Scott's test ride is about 7-8 miles over a nice combination of back roads, hills and turns, residential streets, and a stretch of freeway. Within the first five minutes, I was wondering why I had waited so long to ride a Harley. To say that I was pleased was an understatement...I was thrilled. We returned to the store and I told Scott to get the paperwork going as I was going to become a Harley owner.

The deal we agreed on was excellent, with no pressure to buy extended warrantee and the like that I didn't need/want. I did buy the pre-paid maintenance agreement he offered, as well as one version of the Harley extended warrantee, however, as I plan to do touring out of the area and the features offered made sense for me.

Everybody at Wildhorse Harley has gone out of their way to make my wife and me welcome as members of the Harley and Wildhorse family. Brandon, Scott and Fred in Sales, Phil and Scott in Parts/Service, and Emily, Phoenix and Matt in Apparel all spent whatever time we required and nobody was high-pressure. Sure, every dealership wants to sell things, but Wildhorse really does seem to put having fun doing so ahead of most. When we took delivery of the bike a couple of days ago, Scott spent quite awhile going over the bike, the controls and other bits that pleasantly surprised me. As I drove away from Wildhorse on my first ride as a Harley owner, I was grinning from ear to ear, thankful that my full-face helmet was keeping the bugs out of my teeth. Kudos to all at Wildhorse. I look forward to being a member of the family for a long time.

By: Walt NovingerBend, OR