In March of 2011 Bill, Ron and Brandon came from the southern region of the US to help save a dealership from being closed in Bend, OR. The prior ownership did a fantastic job at the helm, but wanted to venture in a new direction. Ron and Brandon moved up to be active owners and department heads of their expertise. The two of them had been family roommates before and were excited to get to work. They were welcomed from the riders in Central Oregon with open arms and started to quickly gain relationships throughout the area. The staff that was inherited was a great group of people with lots of skill. Ron and Brandon quickly grew aware of the local gem they had in the building. A MotorClothes® manager who had been with the prior ownership and was loved by many riders. Emily is a huge blessing here and someone who is always full of delight, one conversation with her and you'll realize she's made from a unique mold. The other employees throughout the building are also amazing. The gals upstairs were extremely sharp and ready to take on new roles if needed. The Parts and Service crew were already doing something that was incredibly difficult, but unique. They not only had incredible parts knowledge they also had all the service knowledge to help get the job done. The Sales experts were great and had lots of knowledge and a locally following of their own. We are incredibly proud of the humble home we have built. We happen to be one of the only dealerships in the Pacific Northwest that is considered a theme store. Just by the sound of our name you would hope so. Our history is being written everyday and we appreciate all the local support in the Central Oregon area as well as the other areas we reach also.


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